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Is There a Convergence of Business and Spirituality?

In order to understand whether business and spirituality mix we need to understand first what business and spirituality are. Obviously they are not simplistically what the terms business and spirituality mean in common parlance.Business is the operation of systems to make commerce possible. Systems are based on a complex web of people working on a defined vision of the business owners. Two things are critical in making real business happen. One is people and two is vision based leadership. Any business operation that does not meet these criteria is not business but merely extended self-employment of an entrepreneur.That said, what is spirituality? One thing it is not, is religion. Religion is what used to be spirituality propagated by a spiritual leader which has been dogmatized and morphed into a mere corpse of the original energy of the spiritual being. Spirituality is an energy that exists within and around each one of us and is what binds every action and event in our lives. In order to have better control over these actions and events, practices were born. And strict adherence to practices always eliminates the underlying spirit, which leads to the manifestation of religious rituals.

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So, the key issues with regard to pure spirituality are again, people – lots of them that have been impacted by the spiritual doctrine. And the spiritual leader – the one who had the vision to connect with higher energy and channel it for the betterment of the most people.While this could be a coincidence and is not a convergence of the two per se, it is the energy required to cultivate the leadership in business or spirituality that is common. The convergence lies in the leader and his ability to influence masses of people to work on a dream.For a business to rise to eminence, spirituality is the best recourse. Why? Because a problem cannot be solved at the level of the problem. A problem can be solved at a level above the problem. And thus, to solve a problem of business growth, spirituality would provide the means. And similarly, to crack a spiritual bottleneck, business intervention would be desirable.

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While it is easy to see how the former works… plenty of entrepreneurs are seen deriving energy for spiritual leaders and their abodes, the latter is not noticed as much. But think of how the largest temples, churches and mosques operate. Pure business. Their systems ensure they churn money in very large quantities and keep everyone involved satisfied.I don’t intend to malign any institution by such statements. I just state this to have you see the convergence of business and spirituality… for often we treat them as poles apart… and this is just not how it is!